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  • Redid navbar and header
  • Created archive page
  • Created about page


  • Added blog section
  • Added the cute pikachu graphic
  • For some reason some things are a little off on Firefox, but it's functioning fine.


  • Added "learning html" page
  • I want to continue updating this page with lesser known resources for coding. Also it helps me since my bookmarks get scrambled very easily...

Welcome to my website!

Thanks for taking a look!

This is a personal website created by me, Arcade. I'm currently remaking my old personal website. I'm definitely not an HTML pro, I'm still learning, but I love to encourage others to try it out too! It's a big hobby of mine, and I've been coding before I was a teenager.

If the styles on hi2k load funny for you on Firefox, try disabling/clearing your cache or simply reloading the page.

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